UI/UX Web Design

Web design is the look and feel of a website, it refers to the user experience rather than the software development. It includes appearance, colour, fonts, theme and images used in your website. A good web design suits the brand image and is consistent with the content of the website.

Why you need UI/UX Web Design?

Your website is how your audience perceive your brand. It is actually the cover of your business. It will determine whether your client will stay on your page or not. The audience need a good user experience, an attractive and responsive design. It is important for your website to be inviting to the customers in order for your business to grow. On the contrary if your webpage is boring and outdated the customer will feel unwelcomed. They will not trust poorly designed website and it will depict that your business dealings are poor as well. Your website is the digital face of your business. Therefore, it is important to develop trust within your customers. They need to feel at ease while scrolling down your website. This will make them stay for longer on your website.

Why you need nex digital marketing?

Our designers at NEX are very creative and competitive. We use two techniques for designing your website; Responsive design and adaptive design. We take your full feedback and make sure that we are on the same page when design concepts are concerned. Keeping the designs simple and modern with a good copy will engage your customers.


How we use UI/UX Web Design to help brands like yours

Content & Theme

The colour theme, fonts and visuals of your website should represent your business. It should be unique as well eye catching for your customer’s attraction. The content and theme should be consistent with each other. Having a choice of words such they are engaging will keep your customer on your website for a longer time.


Different type of animations makes the website more beautiful and aesthetic. For example, a menu bar animation will help you to save the space and make the page less crowded and then there is hover animation which tells that a certain element is clickable. Animations can provide useful information and explain process to users. We make sure that animation are quick and responsive keep your website fast.